ORO Luxury Water

  • 2017

High above the rugged mountainous terrain of the Macedonian Alps in South-Eastern Europe hails the award winning source from the spring named Vizianius after the ancient city on the same grounds. ORO is rare naturally occurring sparkling mineral-rich water which has been purified for millenia and is the most enriched water with magnesium (Mg) in the Balkan region. ORO water runs on its natural course, is filled directly from the source and is completely untouched by man. The source is located in an ecologically clean environment on the slopes of the Kozjak mountains and is one of the largest geothermal systems in southern europe with the highest European standards. ORO is filled from an artesian well with a depth of 186 meters.

ORO Luxury Water is an unrepeatable mineral water synonymous with the highest quality. As one of the most magnesium-rich water sources in the world, it is a perfect accompaniment to your rich lifestyle.

ORO’s quality excellence and extraordinary mineral content perfectly artitculates a healthy lifestyle for the water lover connoisseurs and reinforces its mark on delivering superior water content from mother nature.

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