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Richman Luxury




Richman Luxury is a chain of retail stores in Singapore that specializes in the watch winding for automatic watches. It is Singapore’s leading brand when it comes to watching winder technology, associated with outstanding service professionalism.

Richman Luxury was founded in 2015 by Jin Goh, an avid watch lover who is especially passionate about automatic watches. “There is nothing more elegant, more mechanical and more beautiful than an automatic watch. I’ve been curious about them from a very young age, so to be able to work with the thing I love and admire most is a great privilege for me,” says Goh.

A key philosophy for Goh and the team at Richman Luxury is to create affordable watch winders for owners, collectors and enthusiasts of fine wristwatches. The company provides only the best watch winders that will wind automatic watches according to their specification so that watches are well-maintained. They also make sure that the parts of their winders that come in contact with your valuable watch are made of luxurious and safe materials that are friendly to leather, stainless steel, and ceramic bracelets.

In 2022, Luxury Lifestyle Awards announced Richman Luxury as a winner in the category Best Luxury Watch Winders in Singapore 2022, the second consecutive year that Richman Luxury wins this esteemed award. Richman Luxury also sells cigar boxes, glass boxes, high-grade safes, leather watch boxes, and other high-end products.


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