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Suite.030 is the provider of high-class apartments in Berlin, Germany. They offer luxury accommodation with high-quality interior design and comfort, as well as personalized services, and pride themselves on being eco-friendly. 

If you are looking to visit Berlin, one of the most magical cities in the world, Suite.030 is the one to call. The company has been dubbed Berlin’s go-to apartment provider, offering furnished, hand-picked 4 and 5 stars plus standard apartments, for short and long-term living, in the heart of Berlin. Their apartments are known to encapsulate the love and beauty of Berlin.  

All Suite.030 properties undergo the official star classification by the German Tourism Board (DTV). The star system outlines exactly how they need to be kept, equipped, and serviced. Before this, Suite.030 first assesses every apartment themselves. 

Suite.030 has a style guarantee, as well as a best-price guarantee. They offer special services such as personal on-site support and concierge services, with plenty of service packages available to guests. Guests can even request housekeepers, private chefs, drivers, and personal assistants.  

Suite.030 notably pays special attention to using green energy and choosing environmentally friendly materials and production methods wherever possible. 

Luxury Lifestyle Awards has already recognized and awarded Suite.030 in this category in 2021, and it is, therefore, a notable achievement that they have received the award for the second year in a row. 

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