In this coastline villa ALTER EGO Project Group has implemented the concept of a space with blurred boundaries, open to light and air. The interior strikes with its ingenuity and soft yielding forms right from the doorway. Each room faces picturesque seascapes, and dizzying views from panoramic windows are an inalienable part of the interior. Bionic forms present in facade design, inside the house turn into large-scale arches, elastic lines of structural and decorative elements. White color acts as a joint background, emphasizing the continuity of spaces. That is how ALTER EGO embodied one of the Customer’s key desires – a house exposed to nature.

Meeting another must-be requirement involved an exclusive approach to design, tailor-made solutions and selection of rare materials. Voluminous compositions made of Corian – a cutting-edge composite material – complement the laconic contemporary style of the villa. These curved wall panels set up a unique geometry and plasticity of the space and create a feeling of perfectly smooth surface. The decorative effect is enhanced by brass inlay and Onyx Rainbow of extraordinary colors and patterns, perceived as stunning pictures created by the nature itself.

To accomplish this task, ALTER EGO made plenty of preliminary samples for every piece, leading to perfection each color shade, surveyed a number of quarries selecting a perfect material. The team of contractors involved in this project came to be international and to achieve a coherent result ALTER EGO Project Group managed to coordinate Corian specialists from Germany, best Italian marble manufacturers, unique glassmakers from Latvia, and French construction experts.

The essential element of the project is lighting concept. The house features the variety of light scenarios incorporated into all the unique interior elements that transforms the ambiance beyond all recognition. A high point and best illustration of the concept is a sophisticated light composition – a flock of glass birds “hovering” in the central room of the villa.

The idea of sensitive attitude to nature, adherence to the ethics of thoughtful consumption and the aesthetics of timeless values, is accomplished in the careful selection of durable and eco-friendly materials. The state-of-the-art equipment also helps to minimize the environmental impact. The functional content of the house and all storage systems are designed to create a feeling of space free from unnecessary furniture. An ingenious feature of the villa is a pool that transforms into a terrace due to the movable bottom technology.

The villa blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape and the design solutions correspond to the context of the place. The seascape inspired the authors of the project and became the main visual component of the interior. From certain angles the interior seems transparent, it is open to the sunset rays permeating through the space of the house.

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