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Whitehouse Immobiliare




Whitehouse Immobiliare is a boutique real estate agency dedicated to luxury properties and services. The deep knowledge of the Emerald Coast and of the North-East area of Sardinia (from Porto Rafael to San Teodoro), makes it possible for Whitehouse Immobiliare to always pinpoint the best solutions along the coast as well as in the country areas of this most sought-for holiday destination.

The company‚Äôs clients receive targeted solutions strictly based upon their needs and expectations, whether they look for “stazzo” properties (traditional country houses of Gallura) in the luxurious Mediterranean maquis of the coast or a most exclusive and modern villa at sea, set in prestigious and fascinating contexts.

Whitehouse Immobiliare builds its reputation on the ability to meet strict criteria of excellence, serving HNW and UHNW individuals, meeting international standards of quality and service. Whether you wish to sell, buy or rent, the WH Team is trained to deliver solutions that are only in line with your request, to build trust and create a longlasting relationship. This is why Whitehouse Immobiliare has come to deliver additional services such as technical support to assist throughout the renovation/building process, as well as the property management service to take care of your villa while you’re away.

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