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Villas Borghetto




Villas Borghetto Story –The Vision behind the Villas Borghetto magic 

5 * Luxury Villas Borghetto San Antonio residence brought to you by  FINMAVI Investment group are built for the pleasure of our dear guests who like enjoying luxury lifestyle, superior concierge service at magical destinations like Croatia – Istria.


The main mission of the Visionaries behind Villa’s Borghetto story is that only the sky’s the limit for making the vision of the perfect holiday become a reality. Therefore, there should be no modesty in the desire for the most exquisite holiday shared with just the right people.


It is a tale of dedication in providing unique holiday experiences in Istria -Vabriga! Written in the language of authentic hospitality and told in a magnificent setting in the midst of the magical Istria peninsula, it is a story of making a dream holiday come true. It is, in fact, a holiday fairytale created for the pure pleasure and utmost relaxation of our visitors and very often our regular clients and Villas Borghetto residentes. .


Our biggest pleasure is providing  the clients with an opportunity of becoming the protagonists of their own  perfect holiday story perfectly matching their preferences and wishes. After all, fairy-tale holidays do come true, particularly if Villas Borghetto have a say in it.

The only thing we can say is visit Villas Borghetto, enjoy Borghetto experience, make a lifetime memories and be part of Borghetto moments…


Discover Villa Borghetto Magic. It is a world of luxury and privacy you are most warmly invited to enjoy.

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