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The Greek Villas offer over 500 breathtaking properties in 34 picturesque destinations across mainland Greece and 34 islands, and they are proudly known as Greece’s leading luxury rental agency. They provide an extensive list of services dedicated to creating a stress-free vacation for their valued clients.  

Founded in 2010 by Vasilis and Anezina Pandi, The Greek Villas comprise an experienced team of hospitality experts with a hands-on approach. They are a family-run business with more than thirty years of leadership experience and strive to deliver the ultimate luxury, bespoke experience for travelers. Privacy, independence, elegance, and breathtaking views from their luxury villas promise to leave holidaymakers in awe.  

The Greek Villas are headquartered in Athens and have an impressive portfolio which is as diverse as their international clientele. Their accommodation ranges from charming beachfront havens to glamorous, grandiose, secluded mansions in Greece’s dreamiest destinations. A variety of retreats are available to suit any vacation.  

The company successfully pairs the luxuries and comforts of top hotels with the relaxed feeling of being at home. No detail is too trivial when putting together an experience – and their quality service extends well beyond renting a property. 

The Greek Villas they will put together a personalized, bespoke package of additional, 24/7 VIP concierge services in Greece for each client, including invaluable information and tips on each destination

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