SkyPrime Villas

  • 2020


Skyprime Villas offers the discerning traveller a choice of high-end and mid-market rental properties which are enhanced with the personal attention of a dedicated hospitality team that provides a comprehensive range of guest services and VIP concierge services.

We are proud to present exclusive rental properties on the southeastern coast of Cyprus.

All our properties are professionally managed and maintained in excellent condition at all times, so you can fully enjoy all the advantages of SkyPrime Villas: prime location, attractive properties, pristine private pools and high standard contemporary home amenities.

But there is more. Because here at SkyPrime Villas, we don’t just hand over the keys when you arrive and collect them before your departure. In fact, that’s only half of what you can expect. What makes SkyPrime Villas special is a full range of guest services that make all the difference between an average holiday in Cyprus and an unforgettable experience in a luxurious SkyPrime Villas property.

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