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Established in 2010, SUMMUMSTUDIO is an international award-winning design studio based in Madrid. Their team of professionals works in a creative space where multiple disciplines related to interior, industrial and branding design converge and interact, resulting in the company’s unique design philosophy. They believe that design makes a difference and that it is fundamental to maintain a fluid and continuous dialogue with every client.

These principles are clearly demonstrated in the exceptional design work they have implemented to restore the historic Villa Maria. Villa Maria is one of the famed Benicasim Villas built on the beachfront facing the Mediterranean, forming part of the Route of the Villas in a truly unique enclave of Spain. It stands out as one of the most emblematic villas in the area with its grand asymmetric towers, Renaissance-style architecture and classic proportions set out over two floors.

All works remain faithful to the property’s architectural origins. The facade is structured in three vertical bodies with different shapes and heights, and the extensive terraces are positioned to take in stunning mountain and sea views. The volume on the ground floor has been brought forward, forming a slightly curved, covered arcade terrace. The villa is decorated with delicate mouldings, oculus and other Renaissance elements. Villa Maria stands proudly on the Pilar Coloma promenade in Benicasim as an exemplary representation of its elegant Neoclassicist influences.

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