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SENS Interior Design, founded in 2008 by the current managing designers Mariamalia Garcia and Raquel Fischel, is an award-winning design firm with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. Their journey began with a vision to bring a touch of authenticity to each project, driven by a belief that design can make life better for those less fortunate. SENS specializes in a wide variety of projects, including Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality, and their approach is all about customization. They don’t adhere to a specific style but instead tailor each project to meet the unique desires of their clients.

One of their notable achievements is winning the Luxury Lifestyle Award in the category of Best Luxury Villa Interior Design for their project, Avellana. This project epitomizes their commitment to creating harmonious, relaxed living spaces inspired by the beauty of nature. They craft interior designs that are simple, clean, and infused with natural elements, complemented by crisp, colorful accents.

In addition to their design work, SENS takes social responsibility seriously. Over the past year, they have been actively involved in community programs in Costa Rica. Collaborating with artists and private companies, they aim to empower local communities by developing unique souvenirs and art pieces. This not only generates long-term economic benefits but also fosters self-esteem and recognition for local artists.

SENS Interior Design is your go-to partner for transforming spaces into living art. Their dedication to creating personalized, immersive experiences is at the heart of everything they do, making them the ideal choice for those seeking design that transcends the ordinary. Visit their website at senscr.com to explore their world of design excellence.

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