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Residential Villa by NoVi Designs and Finishing




NoVi Designs and Finishing is an innovative engineering company in Egypt specializing in architectural and interior design. The company also offers finishing services with a system integration full of capabilities delivering MEP, light current, smart-home, automation, and security solutions.

The dynamic and highly skilled team at NoVi Designs is backed by more than fifteen years of experience for its visionary managing leaders and skilled engineers covering all industries and dealing with B2C and B2B segments. Within the engineering department, the engineers supervise all projects from beginning to end, from drawing sketches, 3D designs and overseeing the project. The team adhere to a strict step by step company ethos so that they are sure to provide the best quality services to their clients. Clients of NoVi know that they can expect dedicated service from this capable team and trust that they are one of the leaders in the design industry in Egypt.

CEO Mr. Ahmed Adly has an important message for his clients; “Dear customers, NoVi is your ultimate destination where we believe in the power of differentiation, creativity, elegance and the impact we bring to the interior design and superior quality finishings industry. We believe in making your dreams come true by delivering luxurious designs, high standard finishings, effective delivery and professional turn-key integrations. Quality is our DNA; dazzling is our passion and success is our destiny.”

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