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Private Luxury Villa by KAF Design & Fit-out




KAF Design & fit-out provide a luxury interior design & fit-out service in Dubai – UAE from initial requirements through design to handover. Our success is born from the dedication and experience of our talented team who work closely with clients from the concept to completion of projects, delivering an exemplary service on time and within budget.

Our experience includes the following sectors: Residential, Commercial Offices, Retail, Hospitality.

Our success is mainly owed to the dedication and personal touch that we apply to each and every project.
Our design philosophy at KAF designs is shaping the best lines with mixing luxe and functionality to obtain a luxury that could not be compared with any other project. Each project is unique in KAF designs, we always exceed our client expectations and satisfaction in designing their villas.
Our team is expert in all styles (Classic, Neo Classic, Contemporary modern, Moroccan & Art deco), they could switch between design styles easily creating a unique harmony world, starting from structure columns and how columns balance in the space. A project is successful because of the immense hard work that goes behind it. We don’t design interiors. We create experiences. Before we draw a line on a page or put a brick in a wall, we think about the people who occupy this space.The workers in an office, the family in a home, and the guests in a hotel, all our designs start with them.

KAF designs is a leading and established company in the field of Decoration design of high quality interiors. All our projects comply with the high-quality standards. We are a company where every solution and service is based on our innovation. Our wide range of services that we provide speaks volumes about the skills we possess.

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