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Private Villa Faced Ocean by GLAMOROUS co.,ltd.




GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. was established in 2000 by CEO/Designer Yasumichi Morita.

Since starting with a project in Hong Kong in 2001, he has successfully broadened his appeal to New York, London, Paris, Doha, and other major cities. He has also enthusiastically been expanding his career as a designer displaying his talents across a wide variety of graphics and products.

In recent years, in the Shibuya area in Japan where massive redevelopment is moving ahead once every 100 years, he has completed commercial environmental design for “Tokyu Plaza Shibuya” which opened on December 5th, 2019. “DADAÏ THAI VIETNAMESE DIMSUM” “NEW LIGHT” of “MIYASHITA PARK” opened in 2020, and “MYDO” in W Osaka in Osaka, Japan opened in March 2021 as well.

He has branched out as an artist and his solo photo exhibition has been annually held in Paris since 2015, which received high praise. Their concept of design is essentially a “catalyst for business. “ They do not refer to a project as a “portfolio/art,” but rather as a “property” that they design and realize.

GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. takes pride in the following statements:
– We provide glamorous lifestyles and experiences in the form of design
– Our strength is that there is a certain “Glamour = Enchant” in all our projects
– We create a different story for each project so shall be unique

The company’s designs are necessary “haute couture” in nature, one design at a time.
What is even more important is the concept of “timelessness” which means the exquisite balance of functionality and stimulation of individual sensibilities should be handed down over time as an unchanging charm.

That is why Luxury Lifestyle Awards has selected GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. as a winner in the category of  Best Luxury Villa Interior Design for Private Villa Faced Ocean in 2022.


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