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David Chang Design Associates International Ltd.




In the world of exquisite and extraordinary design, the name David Chang Design Associates International Ltd. (DCDA) lets its vast range of diverse accolades and award-winning projects speak for itself.

DCDA has established itself as one of China’s leading interior design studios and was chosen by Luxury Lifestyle Awards for an award for Best Luxury Villa Interior Design for Bring Grasse Town South Courtyard Show Villa in Beijing, China.  

In 1998 David established David Chang Design Associates International Ltd. (DCDA) where he offered a wide range of expertise in the fields of planning, design, FF&E procurement, and execution of residential and hospitality interiors. In 2006 David expanded his legacy and entered the Chinese market by establishing offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Wuxi.  

Having a team of over 100 professional designers and supporting staff, DCDA is able to provide its clients with space planning, interior design, and soft furnishing services.

With over 30 years’ experience, David Chang’s designs are influenced by an amalgamation of Chinese and Western cultures where he aspires to emphasize the attention to culture and history. With an unmatched love for arts and the creation of the ideal living space, DCDA ensures the creation of aesthetically pleasing and appealing spaces with a rich artistic essence that tells the unique story of its clients.

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