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Assarai GmbH




Assarai is a Jordan-based engineering and design firm that is your one-stop-shop for all architectural and interior design needs. Not only has the firm worked on luxurious palaces and towers, but they are also the leaders in designing buildings within the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which is dedicated to going green and preserving the environment.  

The firm is known for the delivery of some outstanding architectural and interior design projects, which have impressed even their most discerning clients.  For their breathtaking Villa in Jordan, Zoubi Mohammed Villa, the firm has been recognized by the industry experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards and been awarded for Best Luxury Villa Interior Design in Jordan, 2022.  The Zoubi Mohamed Villa is a unification of traditional Jordan heritage and modern, opulent amenities fit for royalty. The exterior of the building reflects a luxury palace-style architectural design with its high walls, ceilings, and windows. The interior mirrors a classical style with a neutral color scheme, wooden finishes, and luxury amenities. Both the exterior and interior design work complement each other harmoniously, showcasing the skills clients can expect from the dynamic engineering firm. 

The team at Assarai is committed to providing consulting services to their clients by applying innovative engineering technologies to address their current and future projects and process challenges. Their philosophy has always been to provide unsurpassed technical services through understanding their client’s expectations, project needs and construction budgets. They strive to offer their services in a manner of trust, which allows their clients to be satisfied and comfortable with the delivery of their unique projects.

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