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VKO Architects LTD By Vincent Ko



Welcome to VKO Architects LTD by Vincent Ko, where luxury, vision, and sustainability converge to create architectural marvels. Led by the visionary director Vincent Ko, VKO Architects Ltd is a pioneering new breed of architects, engineers, and builders, redefining the essence of luxury living for an International clientele.

In 2023, VKO Architects received a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Villa Architecture in Mauritius for La Villa Prisca Mont Piton, situated amidst the stunning landscapes of Mauritius. The project is a harmonious fusion of contemporary luxury and natural surroundings.

The firm believes in adopting the site and land morphology, harnessing the full potential of the environment to create a luxury villa that seamlessly blends with the beauty of nature. Vincent and his team meticulously attend to every detail, drawing inspiration from the principles of Feng Shui to instill a sense of harmony and tranquility within the living spaces.

At VKO Architects, sustainability is at the heart of their design philosophy. La Villa Prisca Mont Piton’s thoughtfully planned design and orientation optimize natural ventilation and lighting, minimizing the need for artificial resources. The development harmoniously nestles within the land’s topography, promoting air circulation without disturbing the natural environment. By utilizing sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and focusing on low energy consumption, they strive to create architectural masterpieces that leave a minimal carbon footprint.

There is minimal disturbance to the site, as they avoid excessive digging or landfilling, preserving the site’s natural beauty and ecological balance. The absence of high-pitched roofs further complements the seamless integration of the Villa with its surroundings.

What sets VKO Architects apart is their multidisciplinary expertise. The company boasts comprehensive knowledge in Architecture, Structural Engineering, Interior Design, Landscaping, MEP services, Feng Shui, and Construction. This unique advantage enables them to seamlessly blend all factors right from the conceptual design stage to the final touches of construction, resulting in a harmonious creation.

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