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S Design Farm




Japan-based S Design Farm Co. has an extensive list of services, and offers the qualities that they believe architects are best at: “goodness of land, light, and wind”. Shikauchi Takeshi is the representative Director and president of the firm and has led the team to the Luxury Lifestyle Awards victory in 2022.

S Design Farm believes that the coexistence of “convenience” and “advantages that cannot be expressed in numbers” is important in the future of house building.

S Design Farm’s list of services includes:

  • Architecture/interior planning, design, and supervision
  • Furniture/product planning, design, and production
  • Share office planning, design, and operation

Shikauchi Takeshi believes that a space like a blank space that is not overly intentional is very important – it’s not just a functional room where you can sleep, eat, and get dressed.

Waterfall Villa, the award-winning project, is located in Okinawa, Japan. Contributing to design and site supervision, Shikauchi Takeshi and Watanabe Hiroki of S Design Farm created this ‘new build’ with the intention to “blindfold” the building on the ocean side while providing a “view” of the ocean.

S Design Farm maintains that the experience in nature gives us the opportunity to enrich our hearts and emotions that we cannot get in our daily lives. They believe that the role of architecture created in a rich natural environment is to maximize the charm of the land and enhance the experience.

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