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Bodywize Immersions




Founded in 2004 by the visionary Ms. Lisa Mak, Bodywize Immersions is a tranquil haven amidst the vibrant urban landscape of Hong Kong. With a deep commitment to nurturing and healing, the company has now won a  Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the third year, this time taking home the title of Best Luxury Urban Escape in Hong Kong, 2023.

At Bodywize Immersions, the journey toward inner peace and balance is guided by an array of meticulously crafted offerings. The cornerstone of their services lies in their signature immersions, combining healing yoga classes and private wellness consultations. These immersions offer guests a magical pathway to connect with their inner selves and achieve a harmonious equilibrium in their lives.

For those seeking a holistic retreat, the company’s spa treatments, facials, massages, and slimming therapies present an opportunity to purify both body and spirit. The integration of beauty and glamour enhances the sense of rejuvenation, allowing guests to emerge not only revitalized but also radiant.

A distinct feature that sets Bodywize Immersions apart is the exquisite blend of exclusivity and luxury ingrained in their offerings. The art of massage is elevated to a profound sensory experience by the harmonious pairing of touch and sound. The utilization of Tibetan singing bowls adds an enchanting element, creating a spa encounter that resonates deeply within the guest’s soul.

In the heart of the bustling city, Bodywize Immersions achieves the remarkable feat of crafting a serene sanctuary where personalized attention and relaxation converge. Each visit is a journey tailored to the individual, with personalized classes and spa treatments designed to address unique needs.

Unveiling another layer of distinction, Bodywize Immersions curates a selection of luxury skincare products for their guests. By intertwining opulent experiences with a commitment to the environment, the company showcases its dedication to luxury without compromising on ethical and sustainable practices.

At its core, Bodywize Immersions champions “wellness… as a way of life”.

Bodywize Immersions
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