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The ambassadors of luxury experiences in Greece

THE LUXURIANS Icon Villas & More is a boutique Luxury Villa Rental & Accommodation Services Company that aims to provide the most discerning clientele with exceptional tailored made services and deliver the best Luxury Travel Experiences in Greece.

Experiences that promise unique encounters, not only the most extraordinary villa Portfolio, but also refined level services, bringing visitors to the finest Greek dining, luxury yachts, private air transportation, entertainment events, cosmopolitan nightlife, history & culture, and many ‘More’.

THE LUXURIANS has meticulously picked the most outstanding “Icon” villas in Greece in over 25 of the country’s greatest destinations, ensuring the passion for perfection and quality anticipated by luxury travelers. Surrounded by the purity of the sea and sky, the villas of THE LUXURIANS nestled away on the Greek islands redefine the idea of luxury resort.

Committed to providing its VIP guests with a luxurious experience that goes beyond a state – of – art vacation villa, THE LUXURIANS offers a team of professionals with a hands-on approach who are available 24/7, all year round to personalize and plan dream vacations, ensuring that clients receive the high-quality services they require.

THE LUXURIANS, founded in 2016 by Ariadni Gergatsouli and Takis Bananis who have a combined experience and understanding of the industry and a really deep knowledge of their country and its hidden gems, is supported by a team of hospitality specialists who have explored their country for almost a lifetime in search of unique travel experiences and they are in fact true insiders who with great excitement wish to share with THE LUXURIANS clients the exceptional beauty of Greece and its hidden gems. They are the true ambassadors of luxury experiences in Greece!

Guests may make the most of their vacations by taking advantage of the villas’ spacious luxury bedrooms, magnificent living areas and stunning swimming pools, which are complemented by bespoke, personalized, and absolutely discreet services. With a personal butler to ensure that every need is anticipated and met, a private chef to prepare culinary delights for guests in the luxury of their villa, or a boat at their disposal throughout their stay to explore the islands’ hidden coves, guests will have no reason to leave!

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