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Amazing Global Travel




Amazing Global travel is a Travel Agency that is based in Arizona but has offices in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel along with affiliates in India and most Middle East and African countries.

Amazing Global Travel was established in 2010 by Mr. Ahmed Nagy and he continues to be the Operation Manager for AGT. Ahmed’s degree is in Egyptology and tour management and he has over 20 years’ experience.

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Ahmed says, “Our primary goal is the safety of our customers and second only to that is the comfort and ease of touring. We do our best to make sure that our customers have nothing to complain about.”

From these goals AGT provides the best service from airport pickup to airport drop off when tour is completed. Every year AGT inspects their tour vendors: hotels, cruises, and even inspect the air-conditioned vans and busses.

AGT has 24-hour customer support through WhatsApp messaging and calls. Simply connect with us at +20 100 735 6919.

AGT wants you to enjoy your tour and not have to think of any other issues so before arrival all hotels and cruises are listed in the tour program and booked so there will be no surprises. But even if there is in the carefully planned tour you can be assured the change will be an upgrade.

You can arrange with AGT to join an existing tour to save money or book your own tour with friends and family. AGT also handles a mixed variety of personal budgets and will offer deals and options to meet your needs and depending on your financial preferences.  AGT can provide everything from the luxury private charter jets and cruises to the standard but above average transportation and tour experiences.

AGT has the best rated tour guides with multiple language abilities and professionally trained to bring you the most interesting information about the sites you are seeing.

“You will have an amazing experience with Amazing Global Travel, and we will guarantee it!”

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