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Thai Square




Step into Thai Square, where an elegant fusion of luxury, history, and tantalizing flavors awaits within the walls of historic buildings, notably “Norway House.” These restaurants harmoniously blend contemporary Thai and European styles, offering a sensory journey that captivates guests’ senses. 

Thai Square prides itself on sourcing hand-selected ingredients flown in daily from Thailand, ensuring an authentic culinary experience. Every dish, meticulously prepared by Thai chefs boasting over a decade of expertise, showcases over 1,000 genuine Thai flavors, each punctuated with a fiery kick from thoughtfully chosen chilies. 

Engaging all senses, Thai Square enchants visitors with the tantalizing aromas of exotic Thai ingredients, visually stunning presentations, and an ambiance that speaks to the heart. The cuisine resonates with the true essence of Thailand, guaranteeing an explosion of authentic flavors with every bite. 

From casual lunches to intimate dinners and group gatherings, the restaurants offer diverse dining experiences. Additionally, these spaces cater to private hire, making them ideal for corporate events and weddings, promising an unforgettable experience for all. 

With 10 bustling locations in London and two beyond, each Thai Square restaurant offers a unique ambiance, ensuring an authentic taste of Thailand, committed to perfection and quality. Experience excellence. 

Thai Square
Thai Square
TOP 100 Restaurants of the World 2023
Thai Square
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