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William Raveis




William Raveis Real Estate, established in 1974, stands today as a testament to visionary entrepreneurship and unwavering commitment to excellence in the real estate industry. Founded by William M. “Bill” Raveis, Jr. in a modest room above a Connecticut grocery store, the company began with a simple yet powerful vision: to deliver unparalleled service in the real estate domain, anchored in family values and driven by a passion for fulfilling customer dreams. Over the years, William Raveis has evolved from a small, independent startup to excel its luxury presence in the Northeast, Florida, and South Carolina real estate markets; with status as the No. 1 family-owned real estate company in these regions.

The firm’s success is rooted in its comprehensive approach to real estate services. William Raveis offers an extensive range of services that include buying, selling, mortgage, and insurance, ensuring a holistic experience for clients. This approach has not only earned them a vast clientele but also numerous prestigious awards, including recognition as a TOP 100 Real Estate Broker and Developer worldwide by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the second consecutive year.

What truly sets William Raveis apart is its innovative spirit, led by Bill Raveis’s forward-thinking strategies and technological integrations. This innovation extends to their marketing and sales techniques, adapting to changing market trends and customer needs. Despite its growth and evolution, the company remains true to its core values of family, integrity, and service, with Bill Raveis, Jr., as Chairman and CEO, and his sons, Chris and Ryan Raveis, playing pivotal roles as co-presidents.

William Raveis takes pride in offering a complete spectrum of real estate services. Whether you’re buying a new home or selling a cherished family property, their team of experts provides personalized support and guidance. Their insurance services ensure comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for homeowners, while their mortgage services simplify the financial aspects of buying a home. This holistic approach to real estate makes William Raveis a one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for clients.

William Raveis Real Estate
William Raveis Real Estate
William Raveis Real Estate
William Raveis Real Estate
William Raveis Real Estate
William Raveis Real Estate
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