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Wetag Consulting




Category: Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Switzerland

The experts at Wetag Consulting employ their knowledge of the local real estate market and comprehensive marketing experience to sell exceptional homes in the Ticino region of Switzerland to discerning buyers worldwide. The company’s portfolio of premium properties on the Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore shores encompasses immaculate villas, timeless architectural icons, modern masterpieces, and sophisticated penthouses.

They pride themselves on getting to know every client’s unique needs to match properties with their lifestyle. When offering buyers their potential new home, they always go the extra mile, supplying detailed information about the neighborhood and available facilities. Wetag Consulting prides itself on helping countless customers shape new lives in the area. They are also committed to keeping them up to date on changes in the marketplace so they can always be sure to make an informed decision.

As members of the leading international luxury real estate networks, Wetag Consulting is ideally placed to offer exclusive marketing contracts with the ability to advertise each home to potential buyers from over 70 countries. Their exceptional service is always delivered with passion and professionalism in their quest to find the perfect luxury home in Canton Ticino for every customer.

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