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Navarino Architektur




Navarino Architektur, founded by Alexander Krimmer and Dr. Valentina Di Domenico, epitomizes the essence of luxurious Mediterranean living through their exquisite real estate developments. Recognized among the Top 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers of the World by Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Navarino Architektur specializes in crafting sumptuous yet traditionally inspired homes that capture the soul of the Mediterranean.

The journey of Navarino Architektur began over a decade ago when Alexander and Valentina discovered the captivating landscapes of Messenia and Achaia during a trip to Peloponnese. Entranced by the beauty and charm of the region, they relocated to Greece and fused their expertise in civil engineering and interior design to establish a distinctive venture.

At Navarino Architektur, the team creates bespoke stone houses that blend rustic allure with contemporary elegance. Each property is meticulously crafted using the finest local and international materials, embracing traditional aesthetics while incorporating modern technology for a luxurious yet sustainable finish.

The company prides itself on personalized service, offering clients visualized concepts that evoke their dreams, fostering a deep emotional connection to the envisioned homes. By integrating locally sourced materials and furniture, Navarino Architektur transforms client visions into unique living spaces that embody the sought-after Mediterranean lifestyle.

Dedicated to sustainability, the company implements various eco-friendly practices such as heat pumps, solar systems, photovoltaic systems, and advanced insulation, ensuring energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Their commitment to building physics extends to noise protection, creating homes with exceptional tranquility—a rarity in Greece.

Navarino Architektur’s innovation lies in their dedication to exceeding client expectations by delivering not just homes, but personalized experiences. Their commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and the embodiment of the Mediterranean lifestyle distinguishes them as a premier choice for those seeking prime luxury in real estate.

A leader in property development, Navarino Architektur masters the fusion of tradition, luxury, and sustainability in every meticulously designed home.

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