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Hendrich Real Estate GmbH




Introducing Hendrich Real Estate GmbH, a distinguished leader in luxury real estate, based in the heart of Vienna, Austria. Over the past decade, Hendrich Real Estate GmbH has evolved into an esteemed powerhouse, specializing in the brokerage of exquisite properties, both contemporary and historical, not only in Austria but also in other enchanting locations across Europe. 

Founded by visionary leader Evelyn Hendrich, whose deep expertise in marketing and media has shaped Hendrich Real Estate GmbH, the company epitomizes a journey of success both domestically and internationally. Evelyn Hendrich, with extensive knowledge in the real estate industry, brings valuable insight to the forefront. The highly qualified team at the brokerage ensures a seamless journey for sellers and buyers, providing support throughout the entire process. 

Distinguished for its expertise in historical buildings, including castles and mansions, the company sets itself apart in the luxury real estate market in Austria and globally. The expertly trained team upholds the highest standards in brokering both modern and historic luxury properties, skillfully combining expertise and experience for top-notch quality and customer-oriented service. Proficient in six languages, the global team offers optimal support for upscale property transactions. 

For those looking to sell or buy a castle, mansion, or luxury apartment in Austria or prime European locations, Hendrich Real Estate GmbH stands as the unparalleled choice, passionately dedicated to turning clients’ visions into reality 

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