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Bonte Filipidis™




Bonte Filipidis™ is a distinguished boutique real estate agency heralded for its pioneering role in the luxury real estate market, operating across Portugal and Ibiza. Recognized as the Best Luxury Boutique Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Portugal at the 2023 Luxury Lifestyle Awards, the firm has cultivated a sterling reputation and a devoted clientele base. Bonte Filipidis™ was also selected as one of LLA’s Top 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers for 2023.

Founded in 2014 by the dynamic partnership of Alexandra Victoria Bonte and James Filipidis, Bonte Filipidis™ brings a unique perspective to real estate. Alexandra’s infatuation with Portugal, stemming from her 2011 visit and her subsequent immersion in its real estate landscape, laid the groundwork for the company’s inception. Her MBA background, coupled with an extensive network and expertise in the field, has been instrumental in the agency’s success.

James, with a rich multicultural background and a blend of business acumen and artistic inclinations, complements the company’s ethos. Proficient in multiple languages and passionate about Portugal’s potential, he serves as a prominent figure and asset to Bonte Filipidis™.

Anastasia Wright, Édouard Bonte, and Jules Bresard spearhead a dedicated team committed to delivering bespoke service. Backed by 18 brokers, adept assistants, social media managers, and creative professionals, the agency adeptly caters to diverse client needs.

Transparency, integrity, and personalized attention define the luxury real estate firm. The agency’s extensive network encompasses experts in various fields, ensuring comprehensive support throughout investment journeys. Whether assisting buyers in meticulous property searches or aiding sellers in property enhancement and marketing, the agency leaves no stone unturned.

Beyond transactions, Bonte Filipidis™ offers ongoing support in property management, maintenance, conversions, and tax advisory, underscoring their commitment to client success.

Earning its stature as a premier real estate agency, Bonte Filipidis™ prides itself on customization, expertise, and an expansive network. For those seeking dream properties or lucrative investments, Bonte Filipidis™ stands as the quintessential real estate partner.

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