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González Byass – Nomad Outland Whisky




Nomad Outland Whisky® arose out of the need to go beyond the rules, to meet the demands of those who are non-conforming, curious, and adventurous. A whole new whisky experience born in different parts of the world yet always aged in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. One-of-a-kind, Nomad has reinterpreted all standards to create its own journey connecting the birthplaces of whisky like Scotland and Ireland with the best place to age: casks soaked in Sherry wine at the hundred-year-old González Byass cellars, thus achieving perfection as the two worlds come together. Outland Whisky® is a new attitude towards life, as a nomad constantly seeking innovation because “the world is too big to stay in just one place”. With unique angel’s share due to the liquid’s journey, strategic partnerships (like Whyte & Mackay or The Great Northern Distillery), and the know-how of a legendary Sherry company like Gonzalez Byass, Nomad is a rarity of its kind.

Is the only Outland Whisky® because the majority of malt whiskies are finished in sherry Casks that have been sent to Scotland/Ireland from Jerez. Now is the other way around; the product is born in different whisky birthplaces to be finished in González Byass Sherry Casks in Jerez. This way, it travels around the globe to find perfection and goes beyond the unwritten rules of whisky.

The history of our Sherry Casks is a story that’s intertwined with the very essence of our bodegas: 150 years soaking in the best wines from Jerez to make a home for new liquids to be aged in a place like no other. Each oak sherry cask has been a witness to and the architect of our legacy, creating a treasure that is passed on from generation to generation. Sherry casks that, depending on the type of wine and with the expertise of our oenologists, create the best distillations. Unique spirits with the depth and character that defines them, along with rich and complex notes to heighten the experience. Our sherry casks are more than just a container; they’re the essence of our past, the art of our present, and the promise of a future with singular personality.

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