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Maison Pascal Jolivet




Maison Pascal Jolivet, born in 1987 and based in Sancerre, Loire, France, is an innovative, nature-conscious brand celebrated for its unique Sauvignon Blanc style. It offers an exceptional selection of wines mainly in the Loire: “Attitude” radiates vibrant elegance in Touraine, “EDITION” a new concept in Coteaux du Giennois, Sancerre & Pouilly Fumé epitomizes refined purity, expressing the essence of the Loire Valley through organize grapes and natural winemaking. “Sauvage”, “Indigène”, “Autochtone” and “Native” (soon to be released) are the super-premium and exclusive wines to the estate. Its cuvée “Métis”, a joint venture with Klein Constantia, embodies structured sophistication. 

Pascal Jolivet’s distinctive style emerges from the terroir, offering finesse, elegance, lovely fruit, and a remarkably low alcohol perception. The brand’s mission is to create a global “love story” with consumers, constantly improving quality. Collaborating with the legendary Klein Constancia domaine in Cape Town, South Africa, Pascal Jolivet extends its wine-making influence. 

With over 120 organically farmed hectares in Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, and Coteaux du Giennois, along with an additional 60 hectares in Touraine dedicated to ‘Attitude,’ the estate spans a significant expanse of terroir. Connoisseurs are warmly invited for exclusive visits and tastings by reservation, with availability from Monday through Friday. 

Pascal Jolivet, a distinguished name in the Loire, challenges conventions with Sauvignon Blanc and has received accolades such as “Year’s Best Loire Valley Wines” and “Wine Enthusiast 2018”. 

Pascal’s journey began in 1987, and the estate has since grown significantly. His commitment to purity and elegance results in wines with a unique style, marked by organic farming and artisanal vinification. 

Today, Maison Pascal Jolivet is an embodiment of balance, freshness, and precision, creating wines that capture the essence of the Loire Valley and nature’s beauty. 

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Maison Pascal Jolivet
Maison Pascal Jolivet
Maison Pascal Jolivet
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