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González Byass – Brandy Gran Reserva Lepanto



Lepanto is the pure essence of Jerez. It is the only Brandy Gran Reserva, exhibited by the Brandy Regulatory Council of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain that can determine this unique recognition in this category. From the vineyards to the glass; this means that the entire creation process is done in Jerez, within the emblematic González Byass wineries with more than 150 years of making the best sherry wines, that lead to the best sherry cask spirits.

Lepanto is the creation of a premium brandy that symbolizes more than 100 years of work – proud of being born and raised in the land of Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), using centenary French copper pot stills and double distillation. Palomino grapes are distilled in copper pot stills at the city center and aged following the traditional method of “Criaderas and Solera”, which provides a quality and flavor constant in time. Its 12 years of aging in sherry casks like Oloroso, Pedro Ximenez, or Fino (Tio Pepe, VORS Matusalem, and Noé) makes an outstanding brandy ready to be served neat or on the rocks. However, Lepanto is also perfect for pairing and mixology because it brings the most iconic cocktails from all over the world to enjoy with the quintessential Spanish brandy. It belongs to the González Byass Sherry Cask platform, meaning that their Master Distillers put hours and effort into achieving a unique and singular Spirit using the mythical sherry casks for the aging process.

It is not only reduced to the magic that happens inside the winery, but Lepanto Brandy Gran Reserva is part of the history of Spain, with more than a century managing to captivate, in its long journey, a generation that seeks exquisiteness and premium. Lepanto fervently represents the savoir-faire of a company that is dedicated to Sherry Wines, but also to that consumer who wants to find perfection in a glass with a niche process.

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