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Flor de Caña




Flor de Caña, a distinguished and sustainably crafted premium rum, has captivated the hearts of spirits connoisseurs since 1890. As a family-owned brand with an illustrious 130-year history, it stands as the epitome of excellence in the world of spirits. Notably, it holds the esteemed title of the “Global Rum Producer of the Year” awarded by the IWSC in London, a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality.

What sets Flor de Caña apart is its unparalleled dedication to sustainability, being the world’s first spirit to proudly bear both Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certifications. In alignment with its vision of a Greener Future, the brand has planted one million trees in collaboration with One Tree Planted. This eco-conscious initiative echoes the ethos of Flor de Caña, weaving environmental stewardship into the very fabric of its production.

Beyond crafting exceptional rums, they are on a mission to reduce global food waste through innovative and sustainable cocktails. The brand’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the bottle and into the hands of consumers, inspiring them to be part of a movement towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Enthusiasts are invited to delve into its rich heritage through masterclasses that have reached thousands globally. These masterclasses not only recount the brand’s fascinating journey over the past century but also provide an immersive tasting experience of its premium rums. Once consumers savor the smooth and captivating flavors, they often find themselves enchanted and forever loyal to the brand.

For those seeking a blend of tradition, sustainability, and unparalleled taste, Flor de Caña emerges as a choice that not only satisfies the palate but also resonates with a commitment to a better, more sustainable world.

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