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Makkah Hotel & Towers




Indulge in Authentic Arabian Hospitality at Makkah Hotel & Towers, an opulent haven situated in the heart of the Holy City. Boasting 1437 contemporary rooms and suites, this prime location offers sweeping views of the Holy Haram, promising an immersive and spiritual experience. 

Guests can partake in a Luxury Experience as Makkah Hotel & Towers emotionally engages them, forging lasting connections. Meticulously designed rooms, adorned with exquisite furnishings and original artwork, provide a tranquil escape with captivating views of the Holy Kabah. From plush robes and slippers to a well-appointed workspace and in-room coffee maker, every detail is carefully crafted to ensure an exceptional stay. 

Personalization stands as a hallmark, with a commitment to making each guest feel extraordinary. Guided by the motto “Feel the Luxury,” the hotel collects guest preferences during reservation, sending pre- and post-stay emails to address every need. Handwritten notes and the thoughtful use of guest names exemplify a dedication to creating a truly bespoke experience. 

Uniqueness defines the hotel’s hospitality, rooted in the rich Arab culture of warmth and hospitality known as Karam. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with traditional tea or Arabic coffee, served with care and gratitude. Makkah Hotel & Towers cherishes these customs, offering a distinctive and genuine hospitality experience. 

At the core of the hotel’s philosophy is a commitment to Quality & Consistency, Service and emotional connection, and Luxury that inspires innovation. The unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with panoramic glass lifts providing majestic views, ensures an unparalleled stay at Makkah Hotel & Towers – where every moment becomes a celebration of genuine Arabian hospitality. 

Makkah Hotel & Towers
Makkah Hotel & Towers
Makkah Hotel & Towers
Makkah Hotel & Towers
Makkah Hotel & Towers
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