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Ms. Elena Orru’ – The Pavilions Phuket




Welcome to The Pavilions Phuket, an indulgent escape perched atop one of Phuket’s highest points, offering breathtaking views of white-sand beaches and azure seas. This intimate villa and all-suite luxury hotel provides a haven of tranquility, where each private villa and 81 m2 suite is a sanctuary designed for relaxation and connection.

The Spa & Pool Pavilion Villa invites you to a mini-spa experience with a steam room, sala, and terrace, set against the stunning landscape of Phuket’s valleys. The suite collection, including the Tropical View Suite, offers spacious 81m2 accommodations with en-suite and guest bathrooms, a lounge area with a bar, and modern conveniences—all with views overlooking tropical greenery.

Indulge your palate with inspiring international taste sensations and authentic local cuisine at The Pavilions’ restaurants. Alto, the Italian Restaurant, brings award-winning Roman cuisine to Phuket, while Firefly Pool and Restaurant offers a magical atmosphere surrounded by a tropical garden and a 60-meter freeform pool. For sundowners, head to the 360° Bar, the ultimate sunset perch over paradise.

Start your mornings in culinary bliss with Alto’s daily breakfast at Alto Bar, offering a delightful array of à la carte dishes. For wellness, unwind your body and mind with signature spa treatments and massages, complemented by a state-of-the-art gym in the tropical landscaped garden.

Immerse yourself in the elegant ambience of Alto, the award-winning Italian restaurant, entwined with its sister brand, The First Roma. Firefly Pool and Restaurant, surrounded by a tropical garden, offers a relaxing day atmosphere and magical evenings by the pool. 360° Bar, located at the highest point of The Pavilions, is the ultimate sunset perch over paradise.

Experience the golden hour glow, creative cocktails, and mellow grooves at 360° Bar, overlooking the sparkling sunset over the Andaman Sea. The Pavilions Phuket ensures a memorable and satisfying start to your day with attentive service and a range of dining experiences that enhance your Phuket getaway.

For more information, visit The Pavilions Phuket.

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