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Wolfe Interior Design Inc.




Led by the president and founder of Wolfe Interior Design Inc., Jessica Neilas and her studio team of diverse and creatively inclined designers, bring an abundant wealth of experience in a variety of fields to specialize in creating highly functioning spaces that radiate both beauty and health. Making use of years of experience in design and research-based processes, Wolfe Interior Design Inc. provides its clientele with thoughtful, ergonomic, and luxurious spaces.

The team of Wolfe Interior Design Inc. embraces a philosophy of environmental psychology and biophilic principles to reinforce the creation of human-centric living and working spaces that exude an atmosphere of healthy living and work. Wolfe Interior Design Inc.’s specialties have accumulated throughout a vast field and include the areas of commercial & residential, restaurants, hotels, spas, bars, private clubs, health and wellness facilities, residential developments, and bespoke homes. Wolfe Interior Design Inc. offers services such as luxury residences, retail environments, pop-up shops, hospitality, vacation homes, showrooms, restaurants, offices, and condominiums.

Wolfe Interior Design Inc. shares a deep love for the world of materials and textures. With this near obsession, the firm has taken it upon itself to create an unbound library of samples for clients to experience hands-on during the consulting phases. Wolfe Interior Design Inc. has a strong relationship with numerous artisanal and commercial vendors that are located both locally and around the globe to give it the ability to supply its clients with not only the widest of ranges but the insurance of the finest available quality. In turn, it allows Wolfe Interior Design Inc. the opportunity to create and deliver environments that are not only experienced physically but will create an emotional connection within oneself.

Website: https://www.wolfeid.com/

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