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S/L Architects WLL – Bahrain




The team of professionals at S/L Architects WLL provides its clients with a range of architectural and interior design services, whether it be for residential, commercial, or specialty projects. Accompanying clients from the design concept, schematics, construction drawings, tender process, and building permit approval, S/L Architects WLL ensures to be there 100% of the way, never letting its clients feel alone. As if this list was not enough, S/L Architects WLL tasks its highly experienced team of engineers to deliver diligent site supervision and site management services throughout the construction process until the successful completion of the project. 

S/L Architects WLL embraces a philosophy to develop custom and unique designs that appropriately capture every possible sense of the site, location, and culture of the location while still innovating concepts and aiming to achieve a brand-new vernacular that allows the architectural forum to progress and garner the reputation of embodying the zeal to be part of the movement that pushes the envelope in the region. 

The mission at S/L Architects WLL is to deliver services that are imbued with its philosophy to the highest degree of professionalism adopting a pragmatic approach that is environmentally and economically viable for its clients.  

Website: https://s-larchitects.com/  

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