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Prestige Global Designs




Prestige Global Designs is known for producing creations and building luxurious interiors for its clients. Designing only the finest boutique hotels for residences, show suites, hospitality, and offices, Prestige Global Designs has been awarded a reputable place in the TOP 100 Architects & Designers Of The World 2022, by Luxury Lifestyle Awards.  

The international multi-award-winning interior design firm, Prestige Global Designs, was founded in 2008 by Jeremy Tay and Michael Ong. They believe that its clients deserve a large part of the credit behind the firm’s success, as, without their visions, the duo would never have been able to showcase their world-class designs. 

With every project that Prestige Global Designs undertakes, it is essential that their clients become part of their design team. 

Their projects and displays, both locally and internationally, showcase the versatility that Prestige Global Designs presents. Prestige Global Designs never lets themselves be limited to a specific style. 

Interior design is constantly evolving, and Prestige Global Designs recognizes the need to evolve alongside it. Prestige Global Designs welcomes the opportunity to tackle the incorporation of new technology and make it have a huge but unique impact on its designs. 

Prestige Global Designs prides itself on its innate ability to produce luxurious designs that remain fully customizable to the client’s individual requirements while still being able to combine ingenious planning that creates maximum spatial functionality.

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