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M-interior is a Riyadh-based office specializing in interior design, as well as providing exterior design, garden design, and digital design services. The office also provides supervision services for residential and commercial projects.

The office was established by one of the best designers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Mona Al-Aqeel,  and holds the first Certification from the Saudi Council of Engineers. The office stands for qualified and professional designers, décor engineers, and implementation experts to serve the necessary resources and innovative solutions to clients, guiding their projects on the right path.

M-interior has been awarded by Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2022, with a spot in the Top 100 Architects and Designers in the World, 2022.

Mona Al-Akeel’s successful career as an interior designer began as a hobby and eventually grew into a profession that has brought her clients within Saudi Arabia and abroad. M-interior’s portfolio includes upscale interiors for offices, beauty clinics, commercial buildings, and private villas. The team at M-interior strives to help you distinguish your space, working to plan your space in a practical and efficient way. They rely on brilliant ideas to produce creative spaces that reflect your personality and your needs while focusing on sustainability.

The philosophy of the studio is “designers do not work alone”. They strongly believe that building creative connections and long-lasting relationships with their clients should be a priority.

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