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L’atelier Fantasia




Based in Taiwan, Luxury interior design studio L’atelier Fantasia has demanded attention in the world of design by showcasing its impeccable standards, attention to detail, professional services, and an array of offerings. The highly experiences team consists of four different departments: Interior Design, Constructions Engineering, Decoration, and Fine Art. Departments work together to produce an exquisite product that meets every expectation of their clients.

L’atelier Fantasia aims to create designs that meet every need and want of their clients, helping them to realize their dream living atmosphere with the help of their professional perspectives and exquisitely executed presentations. The combination of décor and colors harmonizes the integration of contemporary culture. L’atelier Fantasia believes that “the practice of design lies in the accurate and responsible construction.”

L’atelier Fantasia offers their clients services that include space planning, design drawing, engineering integration, color planning, home furnishing procurement, fragrance design, and curation. Idan Chiang combines art and furnishings in space design while integrating and extending the design in multiple aspects to create new, elegant, and fashionable modern styles.

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