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Katie Malik Design Studio




Katie Malik Design Studio is a Luxury Interior Design Studio offering outstanding, comprehensive residential interior design services while specializing in renovations.  Projects include homes and penthouses in prime London locations such as Chelsea, as well as large country estates.  

 According to Katie Malik, bespoke design is the ultimate luxury and it’s what makes interiors unique and individual. When designing, it is important to consider health, well-being, integrity, and aesthetics, all of which work together to create a harmonious interior. This distinctive, holistic approach to design has resulted in impressive, custom-made interiors that are welcoming, and comfortable.  

 We believe it is important to work together with the client in order to create a unique design approach based on individual tastes, rather than working from a design approach based on a mold or preconceived notions of design for the client. 

 Our primary goal is to transform dull and uninspiring rooms into serene and nurturing spaces that ensure comfortable interiors with soul that are viable, innovative, and healthy while providing a catalyst for growth and development.  

 The services offered have expanded to include House Whispering, exclusive to Katie Malik Studio. A unique extension of an already comprehensive service, “it`s all about helping clients understand their relationship to the heart of their home. It’s a process of exploring why the places and homes in which we live support or hinder our life and soul purpose,” says Katie. 

 This fresh and unique approach is why Katie Malik Studio Ltd stands out in the industry of interior design. Read more at https://www.katiemalik.co.uk/ 

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