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FBEYE International




FBEYE International, an award-winning interior design house, founded in 2005, with offices based in Singapore and Manila, are trendsetters in the field of interior design.  

A highly professional company, with a core belief in exploring the basic and most foundational concepts in the world of design, while working with owners and operators alike. Consequently, they have produced some of the most famous and iconic hotels and resorts in the Asia Pacific and Europe and soon to be the United States. 

Their projects include luxury 5-star hotels and resorts, yachts, spa and health facilities, airport lounges, restaurants for celebrity chefs, and high-net-worth residential and service apartment projects. Each project, regardless of size, or whether it is a new development or a renovation is equally important and is afforded the team’s expertise and full spectrum of design skills 

The forward-thinking philosophy of FBEYE International, together with their highly specialized team of international and residential designers and support staff ensures that the design and style of each project are functionally, operationally, and practically optimized. Their wealth of experience and expertise in the field of hospitality design, combined with new concepts in the future of design, as well as guest expectations has resulted in the creation of unique and stylish, custom-tailored spaces with a great sense of belonging and purpose.  

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