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DSA Architects International




DSA Architects International has a very humble approach to its extensive portfolio of grand designs. In 2022 alone the list of awards almost seemed endless and now DSA has been awarded by  Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the Top 100 Architects and Designers in the World. 

DSA Architects International was founded in 1985 along with the establishment of Ridler Shepherd Low Architects (RSL Architects) in Johannesburg. The firm has since grown exponentially completing over 500 projects for more than 100 clients in over 30 countries around the world. It’s no wonder that DSA is the provider of choice for clients and major hotel operators in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia, among other locations.

DSA’s success is attributed to a number of pillars – sustainability, technology implementation, and a strong team to support quality management.

Sustainable principles of eco-friendly materials, energy conservation, and waste reduction are top of mind for DSA. They are also at the forefront of their industry regarding the implementation of technology within the business.

DSA celebrates long-term commitment from employees with the utmost gratitude. The company bolsters performance with developmental growth plans, team building, and fitness challenges and also offers health screening.

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