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Atelier Imad Syed Architectural Services




Atelier Imad Syed Architectural Services are experts in bespoke villa architectural design, offering complete architectural & interior design services, as well as green building designs by licensed professionals.

Atelier Imad Syed Architectural Services are self-proclaimed perfectionists and experts in residential design through all stages – from concept to completion, without compromising the quality of the final product. Inviting you to “choose to live better”, the firm’s design process carefully follows the lifestyle of each client and integrates their preferences into their end product.

Describing themselves as design purists, the company believes in the power of design to create more than just a space, but rather an entire living experience. Atelier believes that comfort, practicality, sustainability, and aesthetics must always cross paths, and most importantly, they believe in the power of your dreams and turning them into reality.

Their LLA-winning project, Imad Syed’s Design Studio was completed in September 2022 in collaboration with Mead Interiors Execution. Atelier Imad Syed Architectural Services provided Interior design and product design to this Dubai, UAE-based project. The idea was to create a barrier-free space with panoramic views of the city in an atmosphere that is designed to feel like a casual, and earthy space, so that the workspace feels fun, and appeals to your creative senses – creativity evokes creative thinking.

Locally sourced, natural materials were exclusively used to reduce their carbon footprint, such as the rattan, wood, and stone, and energy-saving LED lights are used throughout the project.

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