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WA International




WA International stands at the forefront of luxury hospitality, acknowledged as one of the Top 100 Architects and Designers of the World by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2023. Since 1993, this innovative firm has redefined interior design, earning praise for its commitment to timeless, high-standard interiors.

Headquartered in Dubai, WA International’s influence extends globally across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Their success lies in a philosophy that harmonizes client briefs with operator needs, resulting in internationally compliant yet uniquely unforgettable interiors.

Claire Craig, the Design Director, emphasizes the importance of deeply understanding clients’ visions. This approach ensures spaces resonate with a distinct sense of place and compelling narratives that captivate guests.

Spanning iconic destinations worldwide, WA International seamlessly merges global perspectives with local sensibilities. Each project becomes a canvas where cultural nuances merge with design, creating remarkable, immersive experiences.

Their comprehensive approach encompasses space planning, artwork selection, tender coordination, evaluation, and site supervision, ensuring flawless execution from concept to reality.

At WA International, a team of talented design professionals infuses projects with unmatched attention to detail, believing that “Timeless DESIGN is all about the DETAILS.” Their portfolio showcases not just visual splendor but also functional excellence.

As leaders in hospitality design, WA International continues expanding globally, committed to crafting enduring interiors that redefine luxury.

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