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Trio Architecture




Established in 2006, Trio Architecture had the goal of setting a new standard of service in the industry that would both improve and simplify the development process for its clients.

With a crack team of award-winning architects, engineers, and interior designers Trio Architecture holds the key to experience, knowledge, and talent enabling it to take a multi-pronged approach to any aspects its projects may present. With this mentality and skill behind Trio Architecture, it results in not only the satisfaction of its client’s end product but the journey taken to get there.

With Trio Architecture having offices in both South Florida and the Cayman Islands, it is able to be involved in current projects throughout these locations in fields ranging from commercial, hospitality, multifamily developments, and private multi-million-dollar homes.

With a portfolio containing an abundance of projects from fitting out ice-cream stores and hair salons in Miami, to the design of ten-story luxury resorts in the Cayman Islands, head architect Mike Stroh has built his career to reach new heights that not many esteemed professionals will ever see.

With the constant drive to build new relationships not only with clients but with major players in the industry, Trio Architecture will settle for nothing less than greatness, and even upon hitting that target, it still aims to raise the bar with its next endeavor.


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