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Nikki Levy Interiors




Nikki Levy Interiors is a leader within the world of bespoke interior design, transcending the conventional to craft spaces that articulate the essence of individual narratives. Founded on the belief that interiors should reflect the unique lifetales of their occupants, Nikki Levy Interiors transforms homes and workplaces into living canvases that resonate with personal stories.

At the heart of the studio lies a commitment to authenticity and innovation. With a meticulous eye for detail, the team passionately curates distinctive interiors, steering clear of generic designs. Their treasure trove of materials fuels their creativity, allowing for the orchestration of custom furniture, intricate lighting, and comprehensive spatial planning.

Central to their approach is Nikki Levy’s philosophy of “Creative Connections,” interweaving diverse concepts, styles, and personal elements seamlessly. For Nikki, each project is an opportunity to narrate stories through design, mirroring the spirit and soul of their clients.

Embracing a collaborative ethos, Nikki Levy Interiors values relationships—be it with clients, vendors, or colleagues—as integral to crafting spaces that radiate joy. With a background rooted in South Africa, Nikki Levy’s global perspective, coupled with her roles as a wife and mother, enriches her designs, proving that practical living need not compromise elegance.

Recognized by Luxury Lifestyle Awards among the TOP 100 Architects and Designers of the World, Nikki Levy Interiors exemplifies distinction in the luxury design realm. Their dedication to creating environments that blend beauty with individuality cements their reputation as trusted custodians of lifetales—transforming spaces into evocative expressions of personal style and heritage.

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