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M+N Architecture




M+N Architecture, an Italian architectural firm, epitomizes the fusion of two renowned Florence-based firms: Marcon Architetti and nEmoGruppo Architetti. The company, with a combined expertise exceeding 60 years, specializes in a diverse range of architectural services. Their portfolio showcases their prowess in interior design, landscaping, sustainable design, product design, and urban planning. This breadth of services is applied across various sectors including education, healthcare, residential, and commercial projects, with a notable focus on educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and office design.

Established in Abu Dhabi in 2010 through its subsidiary M N Florence Architects LLC, M+N Architecture s.r.l. is a licensed architecture and engineering consultancy. The firm’s design philosophy centers on adding value that transcends the economy and delves into aesthetic, social, and environmental aspects. They emphasize four key areas: Quality, Reliability, Sustainability, and Control. Quality is achieved by blending artistic aesthetics with functionality, ensuring the building complements its surroundings and meets user needs. Reliability involves rigorous verification of architectural choices, focusing on materials, technologies, functions, and costs. Sustainability is a core principle, aiming to minimize environmental impact and optimize bio-climatic features. Control ensures project efficiency, reliability, and quality, harmonizing the various professional roles involved.

At the helm of M+N Architecture are Antonio Marcon and Lorenzo Zoli. Antonio Marcon, Chairman and Partner, is a distinguished architect with a career spanning over three decades. A graduate of the University of Florence, he founded Marcon Architetti in 1984 and has since developed extensive experience in educational and medical facility design, as well as commercial and tertiary buildings.

Lorenzo Zoli, Managing Director, and Partner, is an acclaimed architect who graduated “cum laude” from the University of Florence. His academic pursuits included stints at the University of Central England and New York University. Before co-founding nEmoGruppo Architetti, Lorenzo worked with Archea Associati and earned his PhD in Architecture Technology.

M+N Architecture, under their guidance, continues to blend technical expertise, innovative design, and sustainable practices, creating spaces that not only serve functional purposes but also enrich the communities they inhabit.

M+N Architecture
M+N Architecture
M+N Architecture
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M+N Architecture
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