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MCM Architecture & Design




MCM Architecture & Design is a multifaceted firm, not confined to traditional architectural practices. Situated in the vibrant city of Lisbon, this innovative studio comprises a dynamic and experienced team dedicated to delivering successful national and international projects. The company’s diversified portfolio spans Architecture/Design, Real Estate Development, and Hospitality, reflecting a comprehensive approach to the built environment.

Led by the renowned Portuguese Architect and Interior Designer, Miguel Câncio Martins, the firm boasts a global reputation for excellence. A graduate of the architecture school at St Luc in Brussels, Martins initiated his career in Paris, gaining acclaim for groundbreaking restaurant concepts. His early masterpiece, BARFLY (1995), set the stage for iconic establishments like Buddha Bar, Thiou, and Man Ray, securing international recognition.

Miguel Câncio Martin’s expertise extends beyond restaurants, encompassing shops, hotels, nightclubs, and private residences. Notable projects include the Conrad Resort in Algarve, the Hotel Heritage in Lisbon, and the Hotel W in Montréal. With a foundation rooted in Belgium and France, Martins recently established a new office in Portugal. Supported by a team of 20 associates, MCM Architects undertake projects globally and domestically, catering to multinationals, real estate investors, and individuals.

MCM Architecture & Design is more than a creative hub; it is a testament to innovative design thinking, international collaboration, and a commitment to transforming spaces into captivating experiences.


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