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Luxury Italian Living Ltd.



Celebrated as a leader in the fields of architecture and design, Luxury Italian Living Ltd has earned prestigious recognition from Luxury Lifestyle Awards, securing a place among the Top 100 Architects and Designers of the World in 2023. Their standout project, Villa Riyadh, epitomizes their masterful craftsmanship and design finesse, making a profound mark on the global stage.

Villa Riyadh, completed in 2022, represents the pinnacle of LIL’s expertise, seamlessly merging timeless Italian elegance with avant-garde design principles. This architectural masterpiece exudes sophistication at every turn, reflecting the brand’s commitment to surpassing conventional boundaries. From its grand entrance to the minutest details, Villa Riyadh is a testament to LIL’s passion for delivering extraordinary results that redefine luxury living.

At the core of Luxury Italian Living Ltd lies a profound reverence for Italian heritage and culture, a wellspring of inspiration driving their creative endeavors. Functioning as a hub for research and innovation, LIL continually pushes the boundaries of design, exploring novel shapes, materials, and technologies while upholding traditional craftsmanship values. This dynamic approach enables LIL to infuse every project with a harmonious blend of modernity and Italian finesse.

A hallmark of LIL’s philosophy is their dedication to tailor-made solutions, recognizing that genuine luxury lies in bespoke craftsmanship. Going the extra mile, LIL crafts living spaces that are not just exceptional but deeply personalized, resonating with clients and transforming their visions into reality.

As both artisan manufacturers and bespoke main contractors, Luxury Italian Living Ltd takes pride in curating bespoke pieces that elevate luxury in homes worldwide. Each meticulously crafted item becomes a true work of art, seamlessly integrated into the overall design scheme. The precision and passion evident in their craftsmanship distinguish LIL as a leader in luxury furniture and homeware.

Beyond manufacturing, LIL extends its expertise as a trusted main contractor for prestigious residential projects across the UK, Europe, and the USA. Collaborating closely with esteemed professionals and clients of discerning taste, LIL ensures each project reflects the client’s vision, consistently surpassing expectations.

In an era of prioritizing sustainability, LIL sets itself apart by championing eco-friendly practices and materials. Their commitment to minimal environmental impact reflects both their dedication to a better future and their unwavering standards of quality and design.

With a legacy spanning more than three decades, Luxury Italian Living Ltd’s endurance speaks volumes about its resilience and adaptability. Continuously setting higher standards, LIL remains at the forefront of luxury living, blending tradition with innovation to redefine the essence of opulent living worldwide.

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