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IQONA Architects is a leading architecture firm in Cyprus. It was founded by Christodoulos Christodoulou almost two decades ago and has become a leading hub of design innovation in the Mediterranean country. Specializing in residential, commercial and industrial architecture, IQONA Architects is a widely respected studio that continues to go from strength to strength. The team’s work on KOLLEKTIF – Urban Hillside Residence is truly impressive and is a wonderful exhibition of their talent.

KOLLEKTIF – Urban Hillside Residence is a two-storey residence in the outskirts of Nicosia. The client requested IQONA Architects to imagine the house and create a convenient and comfortable home that better catered to the needs of the family. In response, Christodoulos and team conceptualized a simple yet powerful design that told an imaginative story albeit in a soft and subtle tone.

According to Christodoulos, “for me and our IQONA Architects team, architecture is storytelling using the language of the landscape and built form, shaped by the values and needs of its users. This fundamental aspect leads to a self-evident statement – that every project demands individual attention for a refined and unique result”.

Indeed, the team applied a unique approach to KOLLEKTIF – Urban Hillside Residence, using design to create a variety of experiences within the home. For example, the interior spaces were separated from each other in such a way that the vegetation and the water feature could be seen from several angles at the same time, allowing residents of the home to engage with the home simultaneously yet independently.


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