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ICÔNE INTERIORS, an award-winning design firm recognized among the Luxury Lifestyle Awards’ Top 100 Architects and Designers of the World in 2023, stands as a pinnacle in global architecture and design. Established 5 years ago, the firm, based in London and Riyadh, has revolutionized interior design by blending Italian, French, Saudi, and English cultural influences. This diverse fusion results in a kaleidoscope of design perspectives, providing a unique touch to each project.

What sets it apart is its bespoke approach to interior design. Initial consultations act as a canvas, incorporating client preferences as the foundation, while their expertise lies in infusing unexpected elements, transcending ordinary expectations. The firm’s commitment to sustainability is evident in collaborations with eco-conscious brands like Frato and the use of FSC-certified wood, emphasizing environmentally responsible choices in materials like timber, wool, cotton, marble, and ceramics.

ICÔNE INTERIORS goes beyond aesthetics, promoting sustainability through furniture repurposing and a “buy well, buy less, buy once” philosophy. Their strategic partnership with local manufacturers in Saudi Arabia exemplifies a dedication to reducing carbon footprints.

In essence, ICÔNE INTERIORS embodies a lifestyle seamlessly blending individuality, luxury, sustainability, and innovation. Their dedication to crafting spaces that resonate with personal narratives while championing environmental consciousness establishes them as leaders in the field of interior design. Explore their portfolio at ICÔNE INTERIORS’ website.

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