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HD Studio Inc.




HD Studio Inc., a distinguished name in the architectural landscape, stands as a testament to innovation, creativity, and architectural excellence. Founded in 1997 as an offshoot of Home Designs & Engineering Associates (HDEA), HD Studio Inc. has grown into a formidable force under the visionary leadership of Renauto Ferdinand, an architectural maverick known for his bold and unconventional designs. 

Located in the heart of Guyana, the company specializes in creating structures that are not only visually stunning but also deeply embedded in functionality and sustainability. The studio has carved a niche for itself by integrating modern architectural practices with the rich, cultural tapestry of the Caribbean.  

The team at HD Studio Inc. comprises a diverse group of passionate individuals, each bringing a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table. With over 50 years of combined experience in planning, designing, drafting, BIM modeling, project management, and quantity surveying, the team embodies the studio’s commitment to delivering excellence in every project.  

HD Studio Inc.’s portfolio is a reflection of its philosophy that ‘less is more’. Each project showcases the studio’s ability to distill complex ideas into minimalist, yet powerful designs. This approach has led to the creation of several landmark structures that are not just buildings but experiences, immersing occupants and onlookers alike in a world where architecture and art converge. 

Services offered by the studio include architecture and consultation, engineering, building systems development, project management, quantity surveying, visualization, and interior design. Each service is tailored to meet the specific needs of their clientele, ensuring a personalized and comprehensive architectural solution. 

As HD Studio Inc. continues to push the boundaries of architectural design, it remains dedicated to its vision of transforming spaces and experiences through innovative and sustainable design. The studio’s journey from a local design arm to a globally recognized architectural powerhouse is a story of ambition, creativity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. 

HD Studio Inc
HD Studio Inc
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HD Studio Inc
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